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the Doomed

by someonElse

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Debut album by someonElse. Available in iTunes now!

" sends shivers down your spine. Mixing alternative rock with post-hardcore and turning everything up to 11 is the kind of thing the industry needs right now." -Michael Heming,

"...the whole album is called the doomed and I am loving it. I very very much recommend it." -Ewan Spence, The Rock Show,

“Their debut LP is a solid punk-rock influenced record that demonstrates excellent and catchy guitar work, ferocious drums, solid basslines and powerful vocals... Definitely support this upcoming band.” -Ilias G., Most Def!,


released August 30, 2011

someonElse is:
David DeCeglie - Voice
Eric Cire - Guitar
Anthony Brucale - Bass
Cory Goonan - Drums
Paul Rodriguez - Guitar

All songs written and performed by someonElse

Recorded, engineered, mixed and produced entirely by the band in Middle Village, NY

Artwork and design by Cory Goonan
Photography by GlassHouse Photography

"the Doomed" was written and recorded over the course of a year, and released August 30, 2011.



all rights reserved


someonElse Queens

someonElse is:

Dave DeCeglie _Vocals / Eric Cire _Guitars / Paul Rodriguez _Guitars / Cory Goonan _Drums

Rising from the
depths of the
streets of New
York, someonElse
is your one-stop
source for astounding
ear-gasms, and
your own personal
reprieve from all the
other music out there.
Tired of what's on
your ipod? Then
listen to someone
else. (pun intended)
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Track Name: Winter in July

It falls off the top of my head just like snow. I've tried all the other brands, I need more (he needs more) control. It's winter, winter in July. Well I guess that I'm not going out tonight. Alright! These split ends will be the end of me! Now all the evidence is on my shoulders. I just need a little more leave-in conditioner. It's winter, winter in July. Well I guess that I'm not going out tonight. Alright! Fuck! Oh I feel the tingle it's working, it's working! (Work) Uh uh, that's not a tingle it's burning, it's burning!(Burn) So now I can't put my black suit on tonight. I guess I can't put my black suit on tonight. (I guess I'm wearing white) I can't put my black suit on tonight! Fuck!
Track Name: Faust

It was all a twist of fate. The life we’d made has gone away, but still remains a safe escape. A warm embrace I can't replace. No. Have I been asleep too long? Tired and getting old. It was all a game we played. The rules have changed and so did we now a part of me got left behind, and now I’m all strung out unwinded. Have I been asleep too long? Hung over, insufferable. Just letting the days go. Tired of getting old. Afraid of the sunlight, of what it may show. Will these shadows take me (they’ll never take me) over. And where will this river go, I just don't know. Oh, God only knows. Have I been asleep too long? Hung over, insufferable. Just letting the days go. I’m tired of getting old. I’ve been asleep too long. Hung over again. I’m tired of everything.
Track Name: Wake Up

Breathe in, now let it out. You watch yourself spiral down. Sinking into the sound and all your fears only help you drown. I know this all must be a dream. It must be a dream. So why can't I wake up? Oh no! Witches on the walls keep taunting me, "Oh why don't you give it up!". Weakling, pray to your god and if no one hears willyou still hold on? Will you? I know this all must be a dream, It must be a dream. So why can't I wake up? I know this all must be adream. Oh, it must be a dream. So why can't I trust my eyes? Either pray to the Devil or the lord of the flies. Oh why? What a waste of time. Can't even trust my eyes to keep me alive. I know they keep you running scared so you won't know when you get there. You're waiting for the end of the world? You'll be disappointed when it comes. Still waiting for the end of the world? What are you waiting for… the end of the world?
Track Name: Comatose

You wanna know why I don't sleep and how I've lost all of my dreams along with my mind? And why when I see myself I swear I'm someone else. I've fell so far behind. I don't think I can survive. But everything seems better in the dark. We can dream away the pain of it all where no one will ever know. You wanna know what the dead will see? Answers to the mysteries we were never meant to find. The light at the tunnel’s end has never drawn me in. I know just what I'll find when last I close my eyes. Now everything feels better in the dark. We can sleep away the pain that we've caused and no one willever know. I guess that I should get away but there's nowhere that I can go to feel like I belong without feeling so small and comatose. So goodbye, friend of mine. One of us is getting left behind. Yeah it's me or you but I just can't decide. Another day, another drink, another reason just to lay down and die. Now stay calm it's been days since you've slept you should try to think things through. You're in deep fucking shit with some very bad people and now they’re looking for you. Now you can run, you can hide, but you know it's just a matter of time and you're turning blue.Get away, run as fast as you can man. They'll be here real soon. You can hold your head under water but sooner or later you'll come up for air. You’re just like a rat in the wall, cut off from everyone, scared to evolve so you crawl back down in your hole again. You'll never be whole again without the world. Doomed to go it alone. No one to mourn you or care that you're gone.
Track Name: the Doomed

Simple people, drowning alive. Corporate evils, wielding the tides.Yeah! We've seen it all before, spread the germ, provide the cure. NOOOOOOO!!! Interest keeps building you're caught in the line. We're desperate victims left to our devices. We've seen it all before crash and burn, divide the poor. We'll kill them or send them home a broken, drooling vegetable. Mind, altering. Lies, feed to me. Die-Mocracy. Call it what you want. So is this the scene? I guess it really doesn't pay to dream when you've got nowhere left to sleep. You gotta get out! We gotta get out! GOT TO GET OUT! See we've been playing on either side a thousand years too long. And then we wonder why all this fighting's going on, c'mon can't we all get a long? Yeah. STOP STOP STOP!
Track Name: Chaos Theory / Blind Ambition

I spy with my naked eyes the lies of the crust-ified. Subhuman leaches reaching ripping out my insides I feel a tide, it ripples like a belly wave, cleaning out your colon cave. Watch your head explode, or maybe concave. I’m bored today.I suffer from a mild form of tooth decay. You try to brush it all away. I know at least I live today. We’re gone tomorrow, fuck and borrow, beg and steal, swim in sorrow. Santa’s dead, I hate to break the fucking news! Yeah, bite and chew! Yeah, bet you need it to! Come boil in this sticky stew, a melting pot. Oh it's too fucking hot to handle, scramble, move, dismantle, break it up or die of boredom. Just drug me when I can't afford ‘em. The torture, pleasure, love andpassion. We'll mix it all up in a vat of acid and burn us out, a cleansing fire. Trying to get us higher! There's nothing left to wait for so run run run 'til you sweat it all out. It's time that you pay more attention to yourself. You gave in to the fear for so long that you can't believe what's real. Well have your bloody hands fucked your every chance? It will never be that way again. Stop trying to bring it back.There's no competition. See you and me we're a different breed. I'm searching for answers and questions, you blindly believe so. It's simple for an imbecile to swallow it like a pill. It wil never be that way again and I don't want to hold your hand. I fall asleep "perchance to dream" of what is possible. If there were time enough. If anyone gave a fuck. Oh who am I kidding right, we're all gonna die. It will never be that way again, see everything has to end. We've done all we can. Try living with a severed head. (No) And now they're under the skin, through the holes in the eyes. Oh it's so simple, we weren't meant to survive.
Track Name: the Devil and Dying

Are you delusional? Is it all in your mind? Troubled by the demons inside? You'vegot a sick fascination with the Devil and God. Looking for answers you don't know what side that you're on. So you'll never be comfortable it seems in your own skin. Believe me I've been digging my way in just to crawl my way out. Oh she was beautiful. She was there to remind us why we're suppose to love what's inside. She had a sick fascination with the Devil and dying. Crosses her fingers hoping it'll all be all right. But she'll never be comfortable it seems in her own skin. Believe me I've been digging my way in. So you'll never be comfortable it seems in your own skin. Believe me you can't save your soul! Wait for the ending to come, you can't wait for the ending to come. You can't wait for the ending, well it's coming! You can't swim in the sorrow. GOD! Where are you now? In a smile, in a new disaster. Now, what is it you’re after? The unknown!
Track Name: Silencio

We are born to live and we try to survive only to die in sin, then it's back to the beginning again. A lie was whispered in our ears. It shut our eyes to why any of this is. So hide away. I'm scared to do this on my own. It's just too hard to imagine. Without you this silence is so loud. This silence is so silent. Have we all been dreaming with no one to wake us up. Letting our heads get the best of us. So hide away. I'm scared to do this on my own. It's just too hard to imagine. Without you. This silence is so loud I can't drown it out. With all these branches slowly breaking and no one to catch my fall. Will I just keep flying or end up in the ground? Relax, cause everyone follows through. And me, I've just been waiting for someone just like you to spell it all outfor me. One more time... I'll give this one more try. And then you hang yourself. This silence is so loud without you. This silence is so...
Track Name: Bad Luck Charm

I really do love you, that's all I can say. But you don't want to ask me if I do today. You're a bad luck charm always on my neck You keep on pulling me tighter, and tighter, letting go just before I'm out of… and I still can't breathe. Well after all the more you know the more you wish you just had left it all alone for good. Believe me I've been caught in the waves for so long, I've drifted away from every shore and now I can't even see. Well the more you learn the more it turns to dust. Maybe all of us are ghosts? Or maybe I've been caught in the waves for so long. I really don't know which way to turn and now I can't even see but I can taste her curse. Yeah can you taste her. I’m so deep inside you now I must be dreaming. Oh, am I still dreaming? I'm still so far away from you. Oh now I can't decide if I should come run to you or let you go. I’m so deep inside you now I must be dreaming. Oh, am I still dreaming?I'm still so far away from you. But I can taste her...
Track Name: Caught (in the Flood)

They knew it'd be a matter of time before the flood would come and fix 'em all. A fiend or a servant of God? The money's just a gift from the Lord so lets pray for more! Oh no, now watch what you're praying for before you get caught, in the flood again. They all get caught trying to swim. Oh who knew she'd be the delicate type? Never even broke a bone. Well now you know just what it's like. You should've never opened your hole. Bitch now you know! Uh no, now what were you crying for? Did you get caught in the flood again? They all get caught trying to swim away! So wait for your rescue to come but it won't ever come and the current is taking you down. Get some air, in your lungs cause were taking you all the way down. Yeah! Well what were you crying for? Yeah bitch, what are you crying for?
Track Name: the American Scheme
People come and go, man, but an idea... it can last forever (last forever). You can kill someone, they can die, but that idea? it can live on. You know, you have an idea and it means something to you, whether... you know, its what you wanna do with your time or who you wanna spend it and... you know, you should wanna fucking kill for that. You know, not that... not that you will, but you should fucking want to, or at least be willing to, you know, its like your kid. You love it, you feed it, you give it what it needs to grow and then one day...its just... fucking gone. Have you ever loved anything?